Numerous Dangers of Sugar Consumption

The dangers of sugar from my perspective as a cardio-thoracic surgeon begin naturally with a focus on heart disease yet it extends far beyond. If I were to list all the associated dangers of sugar and health risks, this page would be the size of a small book – so let’s just go over a few.

Elevated sugar levels put you at high risks for lethal injuries and damage to your heart – sugar heart disease, kidneys, liver, brain, eyes, blood vessels and essentially every degenerative disease in the Top 10 list of killers.  The dangers of sugar are vast and enormous.

Dangers of Sugar to Blood Vessels

As a heart surgeon, I have devoted years to performing general and vascular surgery. I have intimately touched the horrific blood vessels of a diabetic that have been permanently changed by sugar being deposited within the blood vessel walls, and the initiation of an intense inflammatory reaction.

I want to tell you what I’ve seen through many years of surgery from the dangers of sugar and high sugar intake – to shock you into facing what most of our sugar-addicted society faces – uncontrollable sugar cravings and horrific dangers of sugar.

Inflammation – Dangers of Sugar Robbing Your Health

I didn’t have to read about the dangers of sugar and damage caused or guess what it was like. Unlike 99 % of the doctors taking care of patients, I am the 1% who performed the operations that bypassed blocked blood vessels of the heart. I saw the fat of the heart trying to grow over inflamed coronary arteries to reduce the fires of inflammation within the blood vessels.

While performing thoraco-abdominal and abdominal aneurysm surgeries, I removed pieces of build-up that extended the entire length of the aorta caused by atheromatous material, not caused by cholesterol as is the conventional wisdom.

This was caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels and uncontrolled inflammation. I performed kidney transplants on patients whose diabetes had ravaged their kidneys and eyesight and of course blood vessels.  The dangers of sugar are ever so apparent in diabetes.

As a general surgeon at a major cancer center, I performed numerous abdominal surgeries and was amazed at the massive amount of inflammation around a colon, stomach, and digestive organ cancers. I didn’t have to wonder what it was like…I actually saw it, felt it, and removed the cancer.

Sugar causes inflammation and inflammation is not exclusive to any area of the body.

Early in my career while at Harvard University, I had the opportunity of working with Dr Hechtman, an amazing person, physician, surgeon, and researcher. He identified the effects of inflammation back then. He was so far ahead of his time.

He studied the destructive power of all the inflammatory cytokines which clearly destroyed the lungs, kidneys, liver and hearts of subjects. Back then we didn’t realize that it was the massive intake and elevation of sugar that promoted inflammation.

I know and have seen with my own eyes that it is inflammation that ultimately causes the lethal diseases of heart disease, coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

We have to stop the consumption of these high sugar diets, throw away dangerous, diabetes causing, low-fat diets laced with sugar. You can fight your sugar cravings and addiction, remove dangers of sugar and eat low carbohydrate. If you make this decision, you will escape the dangers of sugar.

I know how hard this is. The dangers of sugar might fall from your consciousness when a sugar craving hits and you give in to the temptation.
That’s why I spent a very long time creating Stop-It™. You don’t have to beat this addiction with sheer willpower which by the way many say is as difficult as beating a narcotic addiction.

Get Stop-It™ in your mouth, wait a few minutes and put it to the test – take a bit of chocolate. Watch what happens – and be sure to watch videos here. You’ll finally be in charge of stopping your sugar cravings for good.

Worried about the ingredients? Don’t be – read about Stop-It™’s all natural, herbal ingredients.  You’ll avoid the dangers of sugar to your health.

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