I lost 40 lbs in 2 l/2 weeks just from taking Stop-It! I had no sugar or carbs and after a while the desire for sugar goes away. When I had a craving, grabbed Stop-It several times a day. Weight loss was fast and I’ve kept it off. I reached a weight loss a plateau the past month and that’s because I slipped and stopped taking Stop-it! I am back faithfully taking Stop-It.

Thanks to Dr. Carlson.
Robert McAfee

I was a sugar addict but not anymore. I’ve lost 25 lbs in 4 months just by using Stop-It. Stop-it is an absolutely amazing product! If you want to lose weight, get Stop-It! I gained 50 lbs after a hysterectomy and turned to Dr. Rob for help. Very bad cravings all day and into the night. If I had a craving, just took Stop-It instead and the cravings went totally away. I tried peanut butter candy just once after a Stop-It and the taste was so bad, I will never do that again. I am so glad I have Stop-It to reach for instead of candy. There are no side effects – just takes the sweet tooth and cravings away. All you have to lose in this is weight. What could be better.

Laurie Fox, Lakewood Ranch

This is the easy way to lose weight and I lost 17 lbs from Stop-It! If you feel a sugar craving coming on, just chew on a Stop-it and the craving is gone. And it tastes good! Just enough sweet to satisfy a craving. Took it quite a few times a day. I didn’t have any cravings for 8 months. Then indulged in treats here and there and cravings started up again and a few pounds came back. Got back on Stop-it before I became addicted to sugar again. This is a health and life changing product.

Thank you Dr. Rob!
L. Clark

I lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks! Dr. Rob knows I was an overweight sugar addict before taking Stop-it and began the weight loss plan. I can’t say thank you enough. If you’re struggling to keep sugar out of your mouth, buy Stop-It and keep it with you! It satisfies the need for something sweet and it doesn’t take long to get control over sugar addiction. Chew a Stop-it and try to eat something sweet or drink a coke. A coke was so horrible, I will never drink another one after tasting all the chemicals. If you’re serious about losing weight and beating sugar addiction, then buy Stop-It. I feel like a new person with a lot of energy. No more sugar rushes and mid-day slumps.

Madeline H.

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Rob Carlson over the past few years on a wellness journey. His background as a cardiac surgeon, combined with his passion to unveil the very best of holistic health and western medicine gives him innovative edge that sets him apart. He developed a formula I call the ‘wonder woman juice” because it gives me immediate energy and vitality. Not only does it make me FEEL like wonder woman, but, it actually helps me to LOOK like her too :) The carnitine in the juice helps keep my weight control and helps with muscle tone, too! Every woman’s dream! The results have been incredible! Dr. Carlson’s commitment to research and development has enriched my health in unexplainable ways.

CD, Florida

Dear Dr. Carlson,

I just wanted to take this time to thank you so much for making me feel like a new person! I never knew until now what a difference the bio-identical hormones could make in my life. Since I started working with you in getting my hormones balanced, I cannot believe the difference in the way that I feel. If it had not been for the complete blood work-up that you had done on me, I hate to think what kind of condition my body would be in now. I have been going to the same medical doctor for the past ten years and I thought that he was doing the correct kind of blood tests when I had my annual physical. I always felt that I had a problem with my thyroid but the tests always came back normal according to my doctor because they were in a certain “range” that he considered normal. Thank God, you checked my actual thyroid function and immediately started the procedures to find out what the problem was. After finding the nodules on my thyroid with the ultrasound and then having the biopsy done made me realize how lucky I was to have you for my doctor. I was so scared that the biopsy results would not be good but as you know, they came back benign.

I wish that I could talk to every woman that is having problems with her health and let each one of them know about you and your clinic. There is no reason that anyone should have to go through life with the pain, depression, and a sense of “just existing” from day to day like I did. I now have the energy to do things that I haven’t been able to do in years. When I get up in the mornings, instead of being as tired as I was when I went to bed the night before, I have had a good night’s sleep and am ready for my day! I am free of the daily aches and pains that I used to have and I look forward to each day as a blessing instead of just wanting to crawl back into bed and ignore what’s going on in the world.

Thanks again so much for giving me a reason to live each day to the fullest and to feel like a young woman again! If there is anyone that has any doubts or questions about my treatment with the bio-identical hormones, please feel free to give them my phone number and I will be glad to tell them my story.


Hi Rob,

I am a health oriented individual now 65 years old. For many years I have taken vitamins, exercised often and watched my diet. I stopped smoking after 30 years four years ago. In recent years I have focused more on health. For several years I have been taking care of my Mother. I see her every day. I have personally seen the ravages of age in assisted living facilities and now a nursing home. I became a true believer that health is wealth as we age. This experience peaked my interest in hormone replacement which I had been studying for several years. After interviewing three hormone replacement specialists I decided to work with Dr. Carlson in Sarasota, Fl.

I have now been on his prescribed hormone replacement therapy for 3 months. The change in me is nothing less than remarkable. I sleep better; have more energy; am more mentally alert and focused; have a great sex drive and libido; my stamina has improved dramatically; my lung capacity has gotten better; I look younger; my skin tone is noticeably better; I have fewer facial wrinkles; age spots on my hands have disappeared, my hair has become thicker and healthier looking; I lost my belly fat completely; my body has become leaner and more muscular; my hearing has improved; I have even sustained energy, never feeling down during the day or evening; I drink less coffee; I feel better and because of that have an even more calm, rational and happy life.

My wife is pr-menopausal and had all of the symptoms of that disorder. She is a successful Mother and real estate agent, a college athlete of 50 in perfect shape. Suddenly she found herself depressed, tired, lacking in sex drive feeling weak. Our love life was shot. It took everything she had – and she is an emotional and physical rock – to get through the day. The doctors did nothing to help with all sorts of meds. I took her to see Dr. Carlson. Two months later she is her old self again barreling through every sort of problem of any kind like a whirlwind, swimming an hour a day, smashing tennis balls past me and finally closing some real estate deals! Our sex life has got to be some kind of a record and we are happy as two little peas in a pod.

I hate to sound like some kind of promoter or advertiser. I’m not. I am just writing what has actually happened to us.

FE, Jacksonville

I am feeling better and have been off my depression medication for about two weeks!

DD, Cayman Islands

Thank you so much for taking your time with me today. I greatly appreciate you and all your knowledge and wisdom.

EJ, New York

I’ll start off with thank-you again as I really do appreciate you, your great staff, and your age management clinic.

JW Florida

I thought I’d write to you to let you know how well I’m doing on my bioidenticals. I really notice it in regards to my tolerance of hot weather. I don’t always feel hot and I don’t need the ac on 68degrees! That alone is worth the money. I also feel good. I want to break out in the James Brown song!!!

PC, Florida

Dr. Carlson was so personal and caring. He made me feel at ease and confident of his ability. His follow-ups were excellent also.

KS, Florida

Thank you for sharing your genius, in the reconstruction of my husband’s heart. Just imagine, 10 by-passes later… And he has a brand new start! I will never forget you DR. CARLSON, and the gift of life you gave to Dan. For you, it’s probably routine by now, but remember this, “To a lot of us, YOU’RE A VERY `SPECIAL` MAN.”

JC, Florida

Thanks so much, Dr. Carlson for being such a wonderful, dedicated, and compassionate surgeon. The special interest you show in your patients and the time you spend with them mean so much- to them and to us.

TJ, Florida

I want to thank you for those wonderful hands of yours. What they did for my husband Norman, is to give us some extra time.

CR, Florida

Thank you for your great work so we may have the gift of more years together.

R and L V, Florida

Money can pay for services rendered. But only gratitude can pay for kindness and compassionate caring. Our gratitude is yours.

CP, Florida

We wanted to express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate what you did for our family and the high regard we hold you in.

HB, Florida

It is with profound gratitude and pleasure that I write this ever so small, but heartfelt, thank you for your medical proficiency, personal care and consideration in my behalf and for the quality of life I will be able to enjoy in the future.

HLW, Florida

My operation was of a caring capable physician who was always available without appearing rushed. And through all this you maintained a sense of humor. My prejudice or fear of hospitals, until I encountered you and your associates, was eliminated by your skill, your support, patience, and charisma.

GA, Florida

You and your team are quite the professionals. I found nothing but thoughtfulness, kindness, humor, and concern. I have, and will continue to, recommend you to any and all that might need your expertise.

MB, Florida

Your skill and knowledge as a doctor are only surpassed by your compassion and humanity. Thank you for your kindness and care.

MK, Florida

I learned a lot about the hardships you experience in your daily routine and I wish to express my gratitude and thank God for people like you who are so dedicated and devoted. I believe you are a great doctor and conversationalist.

WPT, Florida

You are truly a “Miracle” worker, not alone are you a great doctor, you are also a wonderful person, so kind and considerate of your patient and their family.

Mr and Mrs B, Florida

I have heard from so many people that you are a wonderful, excellent doctor and surgeon. I now know this to be true! But, I would also like to thank you for going that “extra mile.” I am so thankful you didn’t let them “call the code” that night- and you gave us our mom back!!

LS, Florida

You are truly an “angel of mercy.” There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you for saving my husbands life. In my lifetime, you are by far the most caring and compassionate doctor that I have ever known.

Mrs W, Florida

Our family felt you went far “beyond the call of duty” in the care of our loved one. You were always honest- Though encouraging, concerning his prognosis and your positive attitude gave us needed hope. Your warmth and beautiful smile certainly helped brighten our days.

Mr and Mrs H, Florida

Our family was so grateful for your encouraging words. Your reassuring manner and genial personality swiftly calmed our frayed nerves.

RL, Florida

My operation was of a caring capable physician who was always available without appearing rushed. And through all this you maintained a sense of humor. My prejudice or fear of hospitals, until I encountered you and your associates, was eliminated by your skill, your support, patience, and charisma.

GA, Florida

Dear rob,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “I have had a great experience with Dr. Rob (Carlson) over the last 4 years. His insight and understanding of blood chemistry and BHRT is certainly one of the best in the country. We did significant research to finally end up with Dr. Rob. We have referred several friends and all share the same experience.

Finally, the level of personal attention he gives his patients is unparalleled.

I highly recommend Dr. Carlson.” KD Fort Myers, FL

Service Category: Doctor
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing great and I think Dr. Carlson did a fantastic job on me. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much for all your help too. You have a great team and I just wanted to say “thank you”.

PD – Sarasota, FL

I read through all the articles you sent – great information. I started the cream and the progesterone capsule at night I’ve been amazed to discover how much sleeping can actually be done in a night!!! I had no idea. Although I still wake up a couple of times, instead of watching TV for hours, I go back to sleep. So this is what I’ve been missing :) Thanks again for everything!!!


“I am continually amazed and excited that I have lost weight, I have gained energy and a sexual appetite and feel, look and live younger than I ever knew could be possible. Dr Robert Carlson. You will have to carry this result on your shoulders for the rest of your life. Oh…. and I am a cancer survivor. Dr Rob. Thank you for the amazing quality of life you have given me after cancer. Your passion gave me an amazing quality life!!!!!”

Sheri Strazz

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