sugar health effects

Sugar Health Effects

The sugar health effects are numerous. If you haven’t read dangers of sugar be sure to check that out. Getting control of sugar cravings is a complicated issue but let’s begin with a major cause – stress indicated in increasing sugar cravings.

After having a bad day, you “deserve” to have that large bowl of ice cream or piece of cake (or two) don’t you? Stress may cause out of control sugar cravings providing a comfort food in the time of need when things are really getting stressful.  Stress is the culprit – negative sugar health effects the result.

Ahh , just a nice piece of chocolate cake to calm the evil beasts but that often turns into two and three and next thing you know stress is causing you to gain weight at an incredible pace. Stress and sugar loading together causes a state of uncontrolled catabolism, which means your body eating itself – that’s dangerous sugar health effects.

Sugar Health Effects — Sugar Surges

Yes, the sugar surge may feel good in the beginning but it is causing collagen in your muscle to disintegrate and the fat in your tummy to multiple at a vicious rate. By the way skin tone and quality and of course aging is contingent on how much collagen you have in your skin and high refined sugar diets eat that stuff up.  As if that isn’t enough dangerous sugar health effects, there’s more.

And of course stress also really messes up your thyroid, so besides all this chaos that is raging inside of your body, your metabolism has been ground to a halt. Doesn’t sound pretty, and you should be motivated to find a solution to cravings that cause damaging sugar health effects after reading all this.

More Sugar Health Effects

Did you know that sugar in the body acts like a vacuum for B vitamins? Sugar depletes the body of B vitamins which are important to the health of the nerves and the brain. The B vitamins are critical in energy production and may help alleviate depression. So when you think you are really doing yourself a favor by consuming the entire bag of Oreos, then maybe we should rethink your approach to losing weight and feeling better.

And there’s even more dangerous sugar health effects – diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome.

This new product, Stop-It™ is made of all natural ingredients. This proprietary blend is of really minimal help to those who can take one bite of a luscious piece of chocolate cake and push the plate away.

sugar and health effectsOr to the strong soul when confronted with a bowl of chocolate candies can eat only one, and just one. My hats go off to those, but it is to the others that this product will provide the strength to push away that second chocolate before it and 6 others dive recklessly into your mouth.

Those strong souls who can push away are not in danger of experiencing sugar health effects. It’s those who cannot that will benefit from Stop-It™

The focus of Stop-It™ is not to treat adrenal fatigue, a non-optimal thyroid or depression but to work together with other modalities we use to block the deadly sugar health effects from excessive sugar and help gain some kind of control over your cravings.

What if you are having out of control cravings for a luscious double fudge devil’s food cake and you were able to eat only ONE or maybe TWO bites and then push that bad boy away?

Now that sounds like it requires tremendous amount of fortitude and perseverance. In fact, all it requires is a few lozenges of Stop-It™ because in just one taste it will make sugar powerless. The next bite of double fudge devil’s food cake will taste so bad that you will have to spit it out. Just one taste of Stop-It™ will rob the cake of all of its delicious sweetness that is so addictive and limit sugar health effects.

You’re going to be in control of this beast called sugar addiction and out-of-control sugar cravings- in fact, I am so sure of that, it is guaranteed! Grab Stop-It™ – and stop worrying about sugar health effects!

Stop Sugar Cravings

Stop Sugar CravingsStop-It Ingredients

The damaging sugar health effects that excessive consumption of sugar produces will not be your experience with Stop-It.

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