Say Yes to Sugar Free Diet And “NO” To Low-Fat Diets!


sugar free dietA major failure in nutrition and health the last twenty years has been the low-fat diet. This low fat diet or we should say ‘high sugar diet’ has led to massive ongoing epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes and inflammation which cause heart disease and cancer.

For decades, high carbohydrate diets (low-fat) have been recommended in order to limit the amount of fat and cholesterol consumed in the simplistic belief that eating fat will make you fat and eating foods high in cholesterol will cause heart disease.

But that is just not true; in fact, the very opposite occurs. All the sugar you eat is like gasoline on the fires of inflammation inside of your body feeding heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. That’s why a sugar free diet is essential to good health.

The obesity epidemic is out of control spiked by sugar intake making people obese. When you eat sugar, your insulin levels spiral out of control. High insulin levels will force your body to make you fatter. At the same time, it will block any possibility of losing fat.

With that clear information, it is obvious the best way to lose fat is to restrict your carbohydrate intake. So why do we see foods considered as “low fat” like licorice which one would consider a “healthy low-fat snack?” In fact, licorice is packed with 36 grams of carbohydrates and lots of fructose in only four pieces.

The answer is you’re being misled this is healthy because it is low-fat and just like any low-fat meal, it is packed with inflammation and fat building carbohydrates.

In studies at Harvard, Stanford, Duke and University of Cincinnati, a low carbohydrate diet with fats and protein as the main constituents have been shown to lower cholesterol, glucose levels, triglycerides and inflammatory markers of heart disease. By being smart in your food choices, and avoiding high fructose corn syrup and sugary products, you can dramatically reduce the inflammatory markers of heart disease and diabetes. At the same time, you will lose weight.

So start your sugar –free diet now and get a jump on the holiday season. Avoid the low fat diet recommendations better called high carbohydrate diets mixed with processed grains that is causing major health crisis of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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