Sugar DetoxHow To Follow Sugar Detox Plan With Stop-It™

This Sugar Detox Plan with Stop-It™ will finally rid your body of sugar addiction and get you on the path for weight loss. Like any addictive substance such as alcohol or cigarettes, you can't have “just a little” of either and break the addiction.

That holds true of sugar as well. With this Sugar Detox Plan, you'll stop sugar all at once.

The first day of the Sugar Detox Plan will be the most difficult.  Just don't give into sweet cravings and it will get easier each day. If you give in within an hour or so of taking Stop-It, your most beloved sugary treats will taste so horrific, you'll spit them out.

This negative feedback will keep you on the Sugar Detox Plan until you're able to stop sugar cravings. When you taste the chemicals and additives in Coke and all sugary treats, you'll realize what you've been putting in your body.

Follow the 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss plan that is included free with your purchase of Stop-It™ and follow this plan:

  • Take 2 in the morning after a protein breakfast.
  • Two 2 after lunch or before you start into afternoon cravings.
  • Then 2 right after dinner instead of diving into desserts.
  • Take 2 at anytime during the day you feel a craving coming on.

There are certain times of the day when sugar cravings are the most difficult.  If you know when those are be prepared and take 2 lozenges before you give in.  Don't worry about taking too many Stop-It™ lozenges in a day. See ingredients here.

Benefits of Sugar Detox

As your moods level out, fatigue disappears and weight loss begins, your desire for sweets will dissipate following this Sugar Detox Plan. That may be hard to believe right now as those cravings are strong and you've battled sugar addiction for a long time.  Just stay with it.

Be careful of hidden sugar in packaged and processed foods. You'll be surprised how much sugar and fructose corn syrup lurks in products that will harm your good intentions with the Sugar Detox Plan. Read labels.

Even though artificial sweeteners won't cause spiking of insulin levels, they do provide a positive feedback to the “sweet” response. It is best to hold off on artificial sweeteners the first few days of the Sugar Detox Plan. Stop-It™ blocks sweet taste buds so artificially sweetened drinks will taste horrible.

After 3 days of the Sugar Detox Plan, you can introduce sweetening options like D-Ribose which is great for energy, your heart and muscles because it rebuilds the basic energy source for our entire body: ATP.

Stop-It™ contains Erythritol which is 40% less sweet than sugar. You can use Erythritol as a sweetener, too. It's easier on your body as it clears out of your system immediately. That means insulin will not spike or add increased fat deposits in your belly. Use this on the Sugar Detox Plan.

Helpful Tips For Your Sugar Detox Plan

Eating lots of simple carbohydrates instead of proteins may quickly satisfy your hunger and certainly give your body a short-term energy burst — unfortunately, simple carbohydrates are far from satisfying and you'll soon be hungry again craving more sweets.

It's a vicious cycle. Why does this happen and why do you need a Sugar Detox Plan?

Eating a meal with high sugar content causes your body to make lots of insulin. This causes a resultant plummeting of sugar and the signal to your brain to hurry up and get more sugar into the blood stream.

That's why you can't resist sugar cravings.

Here are a few helpful tips as you follow the Sugar Detox Plan.

  1. Start the day with a protein breakfast such as bacon and eggs or protein shake that will keep you from feeling hungry.
  2. Substitute sugary treats with low carbohydrate options like pieces of lunch meat rolled around cheese, cheese sticks or handful of almonds. Have these handy to reach for instead of sugar.
  3. By substituting protein for sugar, you won't have rapidly rising insulin levels that cause sugar levels to crash and send you into another spiraling sugar craving. You'll stay on the Sugar Detox Plan!
  4. If you feel a craving hit you, drink 8 ounces of water and grab Stop-It™ lozenges.  Resolve to stay on the Sugar Detox Plan!
  5. If the craving hasn't ended and you give in to a sweet, the taste will be such a negative response you soon won't forget.

Negative imagery or a negative response to something sweet might sound strange but it's very effective. Making chocolate cake or any of your most loved sweets taste ‘bad' is powerful negative feedback to your taste buds and your body. Your sugar detox will get easier with each day.

Once you balance the roller coaster of sugar addiction and provide a negative response to eating sugary foods you will no longer crave sweets. You will be in control.

I am so convinced of that, your purchase of Stop-It™ is guaranteed. Stay on this sugar detox and you'll see weight loss and a state of health you haven't experienced in years.

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Louise Walters January 9, 2014 at 12:45 am

Does Stop It contain any stimulants or caffeine that would interfere with sleep?


Dr. Robert Carlson January 21, 2014 at 9:26 pm

Stop-It does not contain any stimulants.


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