Sugar Control Diet – 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Plan With Stop-It™

14 Day Weight Loss Program

This 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Plan With Stop-It™ is a sugar control diet that will stop sugar cravings and addictions.  As you rid your body of sugar,  you’ll not only lose weight, your health will begin to improve.

The sugar control diet plan is a free bonus with your purchase of Stop-It™.  Stop-It™ will bring your sugar cravings under control while the weight loss plan will transition you from sugary, high carbohydrate foods to a low-carb lifestyle.

The plan includes 14 days of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with instructions and helpful tips for losing weight

Here are just a few of the helpful tips you’ll find in the sugar control diet plan:

Read labels on foods.   You would be surprised how much sugar and fructose corn syrup is hidden in our foods. The key to mastering your sugar control diet and sugar cravings begins in the grocery store.

If the top 3 items in the ingredients list read:  sucrose (which is table sugar), glucose, dextrose, fructose or even corn syrup then you would best to avoid these sugar packed items.  If a product has Erythritol, Stevia or ribose not to worry –  those are sugar molecules that have absolutely no impact on affecting insulin spikes.

While they may have a mild sweet taste, they will not impact your goal of defeating your sugar cravings. In fact ribose is an amazing “sugar” that provides energy for tired muscles, fatigued body and optimizes your heart function.

Start by getting rid of those high sugar foods from your diet. Foods especially like fast foods, soda drinks, fruit drinks (which are often laced with sugar on top of normal fruit sugars) and processed food.

I know that because I have used it in patients with the sickest hearts and it helps your heart work even better, recover faster and is protective to your heart.

It is very important to monitor carbohydrate intake specifically the consumption of breads, pasta, legumes, and rice.

Regardless of the fact that they might be whole wheat or multi grain or the rice brown, the issue is that these foods are rapidly turned into sugar that spike sugar levels.  That is followed rapidly by falling levels  that cause your pancreas to produce excess insulin.

This causes sugar cravings that will knock you off this sugar control diet and wreck your weight loss goals.

I am sure you’ve experienced this after eating Chinese food and  incredible hunger only hours after eating.  Regardless of what form of carbohydrate, it ultimately causes an elevation in the glucose levels in your bloodstream.

In preparation for starting your sugar control diet that will end sugar cravings, you will need to create a plan on how to approach the grocery store.

This will be a different experience.  Again read labels to check how many carbohydrates are hidden in your favorite foods.

For example:

  • A cup of rice is over 40 grams.
  • Mountain Dew is 45 grams of carbs.
  • Foods we commonly add to the cart like bread, pasta, and potatoes are no longer welcome in your shopping cart.

Just like diving…plan your dive, dive your plan.  The sugar control diet with 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Plan is chock full of instructions, helpful tips and meal plans.

When this is followed along with Stop-It™, you’ll experience a successful and positive transition from sugary carbohydrate foods to a low-carb lifestyle that will produce dramatic weight loss and good health.

Stop Sugar Cravings with Stop-It!

Stop Sugar Cravings

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