Sugar And Your Brain – Is It Real?

So how natural is sugar really and what does that have to do with sugar and your brain?  Let’s look at sugar first.

In its natural state as it exists within the stalk of a 20’ sugar cane plant or even in the ground as a sugar beet. It would be really nasty to chew on a stalk so sugar is extracted and processed to make it taste so delicious.

Sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose.  In nature the toxic issues associated with fructose are dramatically reduced when fiber and fructose are mixed together as in a stalk.

Unfortunately, nature’s protective mechanism is destroyed by all these processing measures used in refining sugar.

The quick answer is that commercial sugar is highly refined, chemically altered, and bleached white with chemicals to provide a sweet substance with a pure appearance.

Unfortunately natural is the furthest from the truth. To actually make sugar from the sugar cane stalk, one first has to pulverize it and crush the stalk to a fine pulp. Next the pulp is filtered by adding hydrochloric or sulfuric acid or even some enzymes to “cleanse “the pulp from all of its healthy “impurities”.

Next, using high speed spinning devices like the spin cycle in your washer, the molasses component is separated from the crystals. Then it’s bleached, boiled, scrubbed, dried and then finally crystallized to achieve its pleasant appearance.

Chemicals like chlorine, titanium dioxide (used to whiten but also contains arsenic), sodium nitrate, and even ground bone are used in the processing. However, after all is said and done, we have “Natural Sugar.”

Seems unfair, deceptive, and illogical to call sugar natural after all of the processing, but it still is called “natural.”  So if sugar is really that bad for your health than how do you reduce your sugar cravings and stay away from it?

Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and author, talks about six steps to controlling food cravings. He states that “There’s a brain-based reason why you crave high-sugar, high-fat foods. These foods work on the same parts of the brain that cause addiction to heroin and morphine!”

Surprising isn’t it?  When you realize sugar is to your brain what heroin and morphine is, you might be asking how to end sugar cravings.

By changing your brain – so it can help you get the body you want!  You need to give your brain a negative response when you eat sweet foods. By blocking the anticipated sweet taste, your brain will no longer crave sugar. And as I showed you above, sugar is natural but in fact, it is a dangerous substance. Sugar and your brain do not mix.

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