Sugar And Weight Loss – The On-Going Battle

sugar and health effectsSugar and weight loss is quite a topic with 65% of the population overweight or obese.  So let’s understand what happens to your body when you eat sugar.  Weight gain is obvious but there’s more.

One of the most damaging effects of a sugar in your system is your liver gets clogged with gross fat globules that muck up the function so it cannot work as it should.  The good news is that within days of eliminating sugar, those fat globules start to release from the liver and a fatty liver starts to get less fatty.

That’s only after a few days of avoiding sugar and the toxins of fructose. With less sugar intake, your body starts to learn how to use fats correctly for energy.  That means burning fat and melting belly fat away.

While it would seem logical and most everyone knows that stopping sugar and weight loss go hand in hand, still people cannot resist putting sugar into their bodies. That may be because you’ve acquired a sugar addiction as most everything that is processed, packaged, canned and/or bottled including fruit drinks are loaded with sugar.

When you eat sugar, your body shifts into the mode where it stores more fat.  That sugar treat that was so delicious actually blocked all your hard earned attempts at losing weight and losing fat around the mid-section.

When you remove sugar from your body, it will stop storing fat by sending a message to your fat storing cells to release the fat.  It may sound very simplistic but that’s how you lose weight.

A few other really nice things happen to your body as well. After the first day keeping sugar out of your system, your body decides it doesn’t need to break down the toxins caused by sugar intake and your liver starts to breathe easier.

At about 3 days on your way to a sugar free life, things are really going to change. First the weight is going to fall off and the more you reduce carbohydrate intake, avoid sugar, breads, pasta and potatoes, weight continues to melt off.

I can write this with authority as the researchers at Stanford, Harvard, Duke and University of Cincinnati all say that avoiding  carbs will reduce your cardiac risks  and help you lose weight better than a low fat diet.

Isn’t it time to make a change?  Try a sugar-control diet and regain your health, lose weight, and increase your energy levels.  Just remember that sugar is making you fat and stopping your efforts to lose unwanted belly, hips and thigh fat.  And don’t forget what it’s doing to your liver!

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