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How To  Easily Break Sugar Addiction – There Are Four Types

Essentially there are four different types of sugar addiction as described by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. I would like to use his categories but make some changes on management and descriptions.

The first group is the Type 1 sugar addiction folks. Do you fit into this group?

This group’s sugar addiction is energy drinks and coffee or even soft drinks laced with caffeine. Sugar and caffeine are the mainstays for this Type 1 addict. Here is the problem with sugar addiction. You start feeling exhausted and need a little “buzz” turning for your favorite energy drink with its empty calories and skyrocketing blood sugar levels.

Think about this. We normally have only about one cup of sugar circulating through our entire body via our blood stream. These drinks often provide up to 10 cups of sugar immediately dumped into your system.

This immediate rush is obviously satisfying but the plunge one to three hours later caused by spiking insulin levels pushing the sugar into our cells and driving the blood glucose level to bottom of the barrel.

And that’s how you feel, until you get another slug of sugar or caffeine.  This is sugar addiction. It is a vicious cycle of sugar cravings you can’t stop. Let me tell you how to break this sugar addiction…just say STOP-IT™!

How about the sugar addiction of the Type 2? Is this you?

This person‘s life is always in crisis. It seems like you are always reacting to your challenges. But how can you prepare for anything because you are always putting out fires? These patients seem to be women, moms with all the household duties, as well as a full time job.

Now you have three full time jobs, home, children and your profession, and you have to also be a wife in there somewhere or deal with an emotional relationship. But your testosterone levels are plummeting with stress and you no longer think about romance. And that’s even more stress!

You are stressed out and always running either to swim practice, running your house or your office. Your adrenals help you for a while; unfortunately this exhausting lifestyle takes its toll. Ahhh sugar, or those comfort foods.  This is sugar addiction in the making.

They give you the boost you need but inside of your body your adrenals are in maximum overload and they will give out. The type 2 sugar addiction finds that it is getting more difficult to fit into her clothes and that is because the adrenals and the sugar boosts cause your adrenals to work overtime with even higher cortisol levels.

Your insulin levels and sugar in the blood stream becomes fat in your belly. It’s your body’s way of surviving the anticipated stress. Studies have shown, women in adrenal fatigue will gain an average of over 30 lbs. Does this sound like any one you know?  They probably have a sugar addiction.

Whether you identify your sugar addiction as that of Type 1 or Type 2, you’ll be happy to learn that now you can stop sugar cravings and beat sugar addiction once and for all.

Stop-It™ will give you the control over your sugar addiction so you can end this vicious battle and get off the roller coaster!
Stop-It will help you end the battle with sugar addiction.

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