Stop-It™I would like to share with you why I created Stop-It™ as it involves four preventable health conditions – diabetes, heart disease, inflammation and obesity.

I have had many instances in my medical career to experience the devastating effects of diabetes.  I first saw the wrath that is diabetes while a student at Harvard’s New England Deaconess Hospital on a kidney transplant program.

I witnessed how high sugar levels in the blood stream destroyed the kidneys of patients with Diabetes. This disease not only destroyed their blood vessels, but their eye sight, memory and heart.

When performing surgery for blood flow reasons, I saw how the arteries of diabetes patients had been transformed into the equivalent of lead pipes.  A patient without diabetes will have supple arteries.

While treating patients at the world-famous Joslin Clinic, I again saw the wrath of diabetes.   Later at Harvard’s Brigham Hospital, I was involved in research investigating the affects of inflammation on the kidney, liver and lungs.

My early medical experience with burn patient research and the affects of inflammatory driven fluid retention and survival was very telling.  I came to believe that inflammation seen in the lab and in burn victims was being accelerated by the presence of excessive sugar in the blood stream.

I also came to believe that patients with diabetes, excess sugar in their blood stream and the discrete narrowing of the arteries of heart disease patients could be altered if sugar levels were kept in normal range.

The fat adjacent to diabetic blood vessels thickens and tries to cover up the inflamed blood vessel.  Elevated sugar levels incite this whole body inflammatory process seemingly accelerated in the arteries.

The problem is how do you control spiraling blood sugar levels?

Aggressive control of sugar levels using insulin has been beneficial but these patients often struggled with controlling their dietary sugar intake.

More importantly, the development of metabolic syndrome attacks more and more people with only minimal early symptoms.  High heart disease risks and elevated glucose levels caused by high sugar and excessive abdominal fat are metabolic syndrome indicators.

It is clear Inflammation and sugar causes heart disease.  So how do we get control over those sugar cravings that are potentially causing us serious health issues?

With this thought in mind, I began investigating various approaches to controlling sugar cravings.

Working with my nephews, Bryan and Tim Holmes, we searched for various approaches. One approach we pursued was how to alter the taste of sugar. This approach has been described, but limited because of the terrible taste of the herb, Gymnema Sylvestre.

We tried different ways to cover up the taste.  We investigated the various combinations and methods of delivering the herb to the tongue.  We explored diskettes, powder, lozenge, tablet, rapid disintegration tablet or even sheets until we developed a formulation.

This formulation had a peppermint flavor that tasted good but with the addition of erythritol it was actually sweet.

As we conducted testing on patients, we were thrilled at how Stop-It™ destroyed the taste of sweets for at least 45 minutes. The additional and unexpected benefit was patients were so displeased, they did not want a sweet again.

As we began with powder form that had drawbacks, I began to see incorporating this into an oral, rapidly disintegrating lozenge would be much easier to carry and consume. A lozenge would also completely immerse the tongue in the formula.

I developed this preparation and delivery system finding that it was remarkably effective in blocking the taste of sweet and artificially sweetened foods

Bringing this to you has required persistence, but I firmly believe that reducing sugar intake will dramatically reduce inflammation, the development of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

And with that, I am delighted to introduce the revolutionary product Stop-It™ – an all natural approach to reducing and controlling sugar cravings that will help you take control of your sugar intake.

Be sure to see the videos here.

Robert G. Carlson, MD

Stop Sugar Cravings

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