Q) What are the ingredients in Stop-It™?
A) Click here to read about the all natural ingredients of Stop-It™.

Q) Is Stop-It™ Safe?
A) Yes, of course!  The ingredients are all natural and the amount of gymnema, peppermint, and Erythritol is so small that taking 8 of the lozenges would equal a daily dose of the normally recommended supplemental use of gymnema silvestre to reduce sugar absorption in your stomach.

Q) How long does Stop-It™ block sugar cravings?
A) Two lozenges will reduce the sugar taste in your mouth for 45 minutes to an hour and for some, longer than that. The negative feedback from the taste will stop your cravings for a long time after that.

Q) Will Stop-It™ block my cravings for all sweets?
A) Yes it will block all the sweet receptors on your tongue. It will also block the taste of artificial sweeteners. We are investigating the benefits of reducing the desire for smoking as well.

Q) When is the best time to take Stop-It™?
A) Everyone has sugar cravings at different times during the day – some have a sugar breakfast, a sugar pick-me-up mid-morning or afternoon while some have nightly cravings after dinner. Know your vulnerable patterns and follow the Sugar Detox Plan with Stop-It™ before sugar cravings overpower you any time throughout the day or night.

Q) How many Stop-It™s can I take a day?
A) You can take 20 a day but doubling that amount will not cause any harm.  See explanation on Stop-It™ ingredients.

Q) If I use Stop-It™ over time, will my desire for sugar eventually go away?
A) The desire for sugar and sugar cravings will end from continued use of Stop-It™. The more frequently the taste of sugar is associated with negative feedback or an undesired taste, the more effective it will be in maintaining complete control over sugar addiction and cravings.   Ever person is different so how long that might take will vary from person to person.

Q) Will I lose weight from Stop-It™?
A) If you follow the plan as described, you will lose weight.  It is well known eating sugar causes weight gain, and anytime you reduce your sugar intake or sugar is removed from the diet, weight loss will  occur.

Q) What if I want to have a sweet once in a while?
A) Stop-It™ was created for people who want excess sugar intake and sugar cravings gone before their health suffers. As you feel the dramatic improvements in well-being from being sugar free, you’ll know the harm sugar was causing.

You can have a sweet once in a while but don’t take Stop-It™ beforehand. Reducing sugar intake to any degree will have health benefits. Unfortunately eating a sugary treat will renew positive taste responses that will delay conquering your sugar addiction.

Q) Why do the videos show Stop-It™ in powder form but now it’s a lozenge?
A) Early in the development, we used Stop-It™ in the powder form while optimizing the preparation for taste and effectiveness. Once we found that best formulation we incorporated it into lozenges, so that it would be easy to take.

Q) Do you guarantee Stop-It™?
A) Yes, Stop-It™ is 100% guaranteed to block the taste of sugar and to stop your sugar cravings when used as directed or your money back.

Q) How do I get a refund on Stop-It™?
A) Email your receipt to customerservice@stopsugarcravingseasily.com and we’ll happily refund your purchase less the cost of shipping.

Send your remaining capsules in the Stop-It™ bottle with your receipt to:
Dr. Robert Carlson
Andlos Institute
2914 Bee Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34239
Tel. (941) 955-1815

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