Reversing Diabetes – How To Stop Sugar Cravings

reversing diabetesGetting control of your sugar levels by stopping sugar cravings is a major beginning point in reversing diabetes. As most of us know, the more sugar you eat, the higher your insulin spikes and the more fat you make.

Most diabetics know that the key to reversing diabetes is through reducing elevated insulin levels and that it is accomplished by reduction of carbohydrate and sugar intake.  Yet, the disease rages on taking more people each year from uncontrollable sugar cravings and sugar addiction.

Insulin is a storage hormone that directs your body to store fat. Insulin also blocks the burning of fat with exercise and diet. Patients with type 2 diabetes develop diabetes because of their weight gain.

Reversing Diabetes?  Yes, you can

Diabetics can begin reversing diabetes by losing weight, eating properly and exercising. Persistently elevated insulin levels cause continued accumulation of fat into your belly. Not Dun-lap’s disease, or it Dun lapped over my belt- fat, but the visceral fat or the fat wrapped around your organs inside your belly.

That visceral fat causes the release of chemicals that block your body’s ability to properly use sugar in your muscles, brain, and vital organs and your sugar levels remain high.

Unfortunately the more belly fat, the higher the sugar levels, the higher the insulin levels and of course the belly fat grows more and more. This is a nasty continuously spiraling problem that just gets worse and worse.  That’s why eliminating sugar is a major step in reversing diabetes.

Obesity is the key to the onset of diabetes and sugar is the gasoline poured onto the fires feeding fat formation and weight gain.

So how can you begin reversing diabetes, belly fat and lose weight before it becomes worse and takes a limb or creates heart disease? By getting control of the sugar cravings and addiction that is vital to reversing diabetes.

Reversing Diabetes With An Ancient Herb

An amazing herb, Gymnema Sylvestre, has been around for years helping many people suffering from diabetes worldwide. In Hindu it is known as the sugar destroyer as it blocks taste receptors and suppresses sweet sensations from sugar.

Gymnema Sylvestre blocks your sugar taste buds in your mouth so when you eat something sweet it tastes bad. This amazing herb reduces your cravings for sugar, reduces your absorption of sugar, and reducing sugar will reduce your insulin levels, and lose that belly fat.  Reducing sugar intake is how you begin reversing diabetes.

The problem with Gymnema Sylvestre by itself is the unpleasant taste; however when combined with the naturally sweet tasting Erythritol and peppermint, it is a delightful taste that acts to suppress sugar cravings.

And that’s why Stop-It was created – to begin reversing diabetes through putting an end to sugar cravings.  These 3 powerful ingredients, Gymnema Sylvestre, Erythritol and peppermin together in one chewable lozenge will help in reversing diabetes by eliminating sugar from your body.

With this amazing combination, diabetics now have a way to control their sugar intake which in turn causes weight loss and will help in reversing diabetes.

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