Is Orange Juice Bad For You? Yes, A Brutal Insult To Your Liver

As a cardiac surgeon and Age Management Specialist, I repeatedly hear from new patients what a great breakfast they eat. These new patients subscribe to the myth that low-fat diets are healthy and good for them.

Here’s their idea of a healthy breakfast – a bowl of oatmeal with a cup of yogurt followed by a glass of OJ. Those are all very bad choices and let me explain why.

By the time you are ready to leave the house for work, your liver is in full blown assault from the toxin fructose in your orange juice, yogurt and flavored oatmeal. Most understand that fructose is added to high fructose corn syrups; however, fructose is added to all of our foods and beverages and table sugar, too.

This “healthy” breakfast will increase your blood levels of fructose ten-fold in only 30 minutes flooding your liver with toxins. Fructose is the major force causing the development of obesity, diabetes, the heart disease causing metabolic syndrome and a liver packed full of fat (fatty liver).

Your brain, muscles and organs do not use fructose. The overload to your liver created by your healthy breakfast is causing it to struggle to detoxify what you put in. This causes new fat formation and spikes triglyceride levels and blood pressure dangerously. Scores of fat globules clog your liver function causing it to choke in its own debris.

This is why fructose is called a toxin. It’s a substance you consume that isn’t used anywhere in your body yet the liver has to metabolize it. When it’s metabolized in the liver, it causes a multitude of dangerous, potentially lethal breakdown. Fructose is a toxin or poison to your body.

Unfortunately, after consuming a high fructose corn syrup product, your body never gets the signal that it is satisfied and your hunger and sugar cravings continue raging.

A low carbohydrate approach has been clinically proven to be the healthiest approach to reducing diabetes, dangerous lipid patterns, inflammatory markers of heart disease and body fat. Eating choices high in protein like eggs or a whey shake won’t increase fat formation and will reduce your appetite for hours.

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Kate December 20, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Stovetop oatmeal with greek yogurt and fresh squeezed oj?


Dr. Robert Carlson May 1, 2012 at 3:06 am

Wow what a breakfast. Thinking that you are eating healthy is replaced with the truth. Oatmeal will spike your sugar levels forcing insulin levels to skyrocket and to guarantee that you will begin storing fat and any hopes of burning and losing fat will be blocked. The OJ will insult your poor liver leading to fatty liver, spiraling triglyceride levels and new fat formation. The greek yogurt, though not perfect, has many amazing benefits nutritionally.


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