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“How To Lose Weight
With One Simple & Easy Plan”

If you are ready to lose weight and end your battle fighting sugar cravings, Stop-It™ is going to help you along..

As you’ve been told more times than you care to count, eating sugar is the culprit in weight gain and obesity. While we all know that’s true, sugar is simply irresistible which is why there’s an epidemic of obesity.

So, as conventional wisdom goes, control your sugar intake and you’ll lose weight. Unfortunately, sugar is a substance whose addictive qualities rival heroin.

Yes, heroin. That’s why it’s an overwhelming struggle to lose weight.

Do you know what happens when you eat sugar treats?

First, your brain releases serotonin causing a positive reinforcement that you made the right decision eating that sugary delight.

You feel high and euphoric while simultaneously, your sugar levels spike causing your body to release massive amounts of insulin.

This burst of glucose is converted into more fat causing your body to store even more fat. After the initial sugar high wears off (rather quickly) you begin to slump and crash, your hunger spikes higher than before and the vicious cycle of sugar addiction is in full swing.

How can you lose weight while on this vicious cycle?

It’s virtually impossible unless you go cold turkey on sugar and as we know, that’s proved impossible for most people.

Enter Stop-It™ Your Pal in Weight Loss that Ends Sugar Cravings & Addiction

Stop Sugar Cravings

Since the day Stop-It™ was created, people have seen incredible weight loss and ended their sugar addiction and cravings once and for all. Read what people are saying here. One patient writes of losing 40 lbs! Results, of course, vary!

Heart surgeon, Dr. Robert Carlson, spent considerable time arriving at this unique combination after several years testing and experimenting. Stop-It™ is an all natural combination of 3 ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre (herb known in Hindu as ‘sugar destroyer) Erythritol (sugar substitute) with a dash of peppermint for taste.

These 3 ingredients work together synergistically to break the sugar cycle and when you eliminate sugar from your body, you’ll shed pounds without struggling to end sugar cravings and addiction.

So how does Stop-It™ work?

Stop-It™ does 3 things – first, when you crunch 1 or 2 lozenges (instead of consuming a sugar treat) the natural sweet taste of Erythritol satisfies your craving for something sweet.

Secondly, Gymnema goes to work blocking your taste bud receptors. Simply said, within the next hour after chewing Stop-It™ should you lose will power and give in to anything sweet, that sugary delight will taste so repulsive with an almost chemical taste, you’ll quickly spit it out!

To see the powerful effect of chewing on something sweet after taking Stop-It™ watch videos here.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most interesting is a negative feedback loop to your brain that a sugary treat you once loved tastes really bad. This negative feedback is quite powerful having a profound effect on your desire for that sweet again.

Stop-It™ can be used any time of day you crave sugar – breakfast, mid-afternoon slump, after dinner desert, before bed snack – just reach for Stop-It™ when cravings hit instead of a sugary treat and you’ll soon break the sugar addiction cycle and shed pounds.

Lose Weight With Dr. Carlson’s 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Diet Program With Stop-It™

14 Day Weight Loss Program

To help you along even more, when you purchase Stop-It™ you’ll receive Dr. Carlson’s Sugar Detox Plan and his 14 Day Low Carbohydrate Diet Program absolutely free.

This is the same plan Dr. Carlson’s patients follow for weight loss. By following this plan along with Stop-It™ you’ll have a powerful combination that maximizes good health, stops sugar cravings and dramatically increases weight loss.

When you consume sugar, there’s a huge release of serotonin that produces a feeling of euphoria which is why sugar gives such a rush. Serotonin spikes until the crash when serotonin levels tumble.

The resulting low serotonin levels produce an intense desire for more sugar and refined carbohydrates. Fatigue and depression follows with an even stronger desire for something sweet and you’re hungry again – a really vicious cycle.

What’s interesting is how quickly you’ll begin to feel great from eliminating sugar and cutting down on carbohydrates. With each passing sugar-free day, your blood sugar levels stabilize; natural energy soars while irritability and edginess is replaced by a soothing calmness.

When weight loss begins and good health returns, you’ll be telling everyone you know about your pal, Stop-It™ and how fabulous you feel.

For more information about how to take Stop-It™ click here.

If you’re ready to lose weight, end your battle with sugar and get your health back, then Stop-It™ is for you.

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